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Mar 2017

Market Gardens

ADMAPE have worked directly with 28 women’s cooperatives over the past two years.  Inputs have included: agronomic, organisational and managerial training; market research and advice; supply of selected seeds and small tools; training in agro-forestry and the supply of fruit trees; supply of fencing materials for 6 cooperatives; supply of 1-cylinder water pumps to 4 cooperatives; food processing research and training.  Ten years ago there were 20 women’s cooperatives operating at a very low level in the region.  As a result of ADMAPE’s activities and its promotion of market gardening, today there are over 50 working at least one hectare of land each (each with an average of 35 women members coming from approx. 25 different families, meaning 875 families are affected and if each contains approx. 50 people this means approx.  44k people are benefitting).  Today the Gorgol region is self-sufficient in vegetable.

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