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Mar 2017

Irrigation Farming

Having for many years worked with farmers involved in this struggling commercial sector (on diversification, management and low-external input methods), activities have recently revolved around the promotion of organic rice production and the new concept of growing irrigated of off-season crops such as maize, millet, vegetables and fodder crops.  In 2014 150 hct of maize and millet (at 3t/hct)_ was grown; in 2015 200 hct was grown.  Of the 38 commercial irrigation schemes in the region (farming some 600 hct) six now solely use compost for their rice production instead of fertiliser.  ADMAPE arrange periodic visits of other farmers to these schemes.  The advantages of using compost over fertilisers are: its readily available; its cheaper than fertiliser; it produces marginally better yields; it uses a whole month’s worth less water; and it is more resilient to water supply problems.  It is therefore demonstrably more profitable. 

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