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Mar 2017

Traditional Farming

ADMAPE have continued to work with traditional farmers on water harvesting and pest control techniques, rejuvenating this struggling sector.  In 2014 100 hectares of rain-fed crops were planted in the region of Leqceiba, but in 2015 750 hectares were planted (getting 2.5tons/hectare of millet as opposed to the previous 1.5t/hct).  This resulted in a reduction the price of millet at market from 300 um/kg (50 pence) to 150 um/kg, to the great benefit of consumers.

ADMAPE have also been working with a new community of particularly impoverished and marginalised Black Harratin Moors to the north of the region, giving them training in water-harvesting techniques (and interestingly learning from them at the same time about a natural pesticide they have been using against the caterpillars).

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