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Mar 2015

Capacity Building

Partner ADMAPE were instrumental in assisting a government initiative to set up 4 Economic Interest Groups comprising some 60 farmer co-operatives.  They also provided organisational and managerial training, meaning that the groups could then be eligible for the loans and agricultural hardware the government are to provide.  ADMAPE also initiated the creation of a Union of Organic Producers.  As a further indicator of ADMAPE’s increasing confidence, ability and importance in the region, they also instigated and co-ordinated a mass petition to the government and others of a request for what they calculated was a £400,000 shortfall in inputs costs for the coming planting season across the small-scale irrigation sector upon which so much depends in this year of drought.

Ninety-one members of women’s co-operatives were also given organisational and managerial training this year.


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