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Aug 2013

Training and Capacity building

Partner ADMAPE have worked with 30 village communities this year (covering a population of approx. 40,000).  Organisational, agronomic and managerial training manifest themselves in numerous village and in-field training meetings (as, left, in the village of  Sabar).  The use of compost, water harvesting methods, fertiliser and crop protection application techniques, the creation and registering of cooperatives and unions, financial management: these and much else besides represent the core inputs provided by partner ADMAPE over the year, resulting in, for example, 5 communities registering new cooperatives and so securing land title deeds over 840 hectares (vital in these Land Grab times); yields increased by 25% over an area of 400 hectares; and, as a result of the accompanying awareness-raising that takes place during all visits, a more comprehensive local understanding of the threats of climate change and the opportunities there are for communities that are better organised.  


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