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Nov 2013

Credit Enterprise

Fatimata Djiallo, left, is president of Oukourame Village Women’s Cooperative.  The cooperative has 75 members managing a kitty of £500 for such activities as small commerce in cooking oil and materials, and butchery.  Fatimata tells us that the existence of the funds has revived the Women’s cooperative which, she says, had little to do previously.  Everyone, she tells us, is motivated now and keen to set up small businesses.  This is good news, as this small, extremely isolated Peul village and on the barren plain to the east of Leqceiba is struggling to survive, with it’s nearest water source now 6 kilometres distant.  Not that the spirit of these semi-pastoral people is broken in any way.  There is a pride and determination in the village that is exemplified by Fatimata and her fellow cooperative members.  Partner ADMAPE now have £8,500 for their credit enterprise program, working with 13 women’s cooperatives (with over 1000 members.)


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