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  • Sylla Women's Market Garden Seminar

Apr 2013

Sylla Women’s Organic Market Gardening Seminar

The extension year to this four-year project concluded with a seminar where successes as well as lessons learnt were discussed.  Eighty-six people participated in this jolly occasion, including members from eight other women’s market gardening cooperatives, representatives of four local radio stations, two Senegalese state extension agency officials, local dignitaries, a representative of the expatriate community and many others. 

Themes varied from application of organic farming methods, to vegetable and fruit growing, water management, livestock fattening, commercialisation, and organisational development.  Many views were aired, such as the desire for the project to be continued and expanded to other areas and the importance of not using large water pumps to irrigate crops as these were always found to be too expensive to run.

It was agreed by all that many lessons had been learnt during the project and that its great success had motivated people in the whole region.  The Seminar concluded with the slaughter of two sheep and a feast. 

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