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Apr 2013

Working with Farmers

Rice farming intensification and diversification: work has continued with two demonstration farmers, with rice production now at an average of 8 tons per hectare (as opposed to the previous 5 to 6 tons).  Compost pits have been created, fruit trees planted, off-season crops grown, and a troop of goats introduced for fattening.  Most importantly, in-field training session have been run so that other farmers can see the benefits of intensification and diversification for the currently unviable irrigation sector.

Other activities have been: the continuation of the introduction of donkey ploughs (in 5 villages), work with eleven farmers to whom has been introduced the use of an organic soil enhancer to grow millet (raising yields from 2 tons/hectare to 2.5 to 3 tons/hectare), training 200 families (approx 2000 people) in the use of pesticide to treat 400 hectares of maize and sorghum (and consequently saving the crop from destruction by grass-hoppers), and organised farmer to farmer ‘Seeing is Believing’ visits so that information on these and other agricultural practices can be spread throughout the region.

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