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Apr 2013

Livestock Health

Ba Djiby, left, is one of the two lead pastoralist Livestock Health practitioners we have trained and equipped to tour their respective regions inoculating animals against common diseases and passing on knowledge to herders.  Ba Djiby reports that pastoralists buy medicines from him, which allows them to travel further with their animals (and provides him with an income).  He also says that they have learnt many simple practices to improve livestock health from him.

Partner ADMAPE have also worked with some livestock herder families, providing them with diesel to run pumps to irrigate fields of fodder crops during the desperate drought period of early 2012 when a great many animals were dying from starvation.  This was such a success many other cooperatives with pumps followed suit, selling their resulting fodder in the Kaedi market at a time when it was much needed.

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