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Apr 2013

Well Digging

The Leqceiba well has reached 17 meters and is now awaiting the height of the dry season in order to be completed.  Six thousand people from this small town of 1300 inhabitants suffer from poor water availability and the well, to the extreme east of the town, will reduce the need for people to travel four kilometres in the dry season to get their water.  The time and energy freed up by this allows womenfolk to undertake all sorts of other activities.  The water from the well is also of much higher quality than that taken from rivers. 

This is the third well we have dug.  The first, at Windy Jammy, has transformed life for the semi-pastoral community, allowing them to establish small vegetable gardens, massively reduce time habitually spent collecting water from distant, often fouled water sources, and given them the ability to devote more time to income-generating and husbandry activities.  Our second well, at the village of Seeyonel, has struck hard rock at thirty meters and currently awaits the relevant permissions for explosives to be used.

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