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Jun 2011

Mid-Gorgol Community Project

Amadou Goudi, left, was introduced to two new farming techniques: the use of Barbary Plante as an organic soil enhancer; and how to use an effective pesticide. Indicating how the plants in the foreground in his field of millet are small compared to those in the rear, he says: "Each of these new techniques has made a big difference. In this field which has suffered from poor rains, I will get double the yield from the area I treated with Barbary Plante. People have also suffered from caterpillars this year, but because of the new pesticide we have my crop has been saved. This means we will not go hungry as a family this year." The Community Project has worked with a great many other farmers this year to develop and utilise new farming techniques that will help them combat the problems of climate change and agricultural non-viability. Examples are: 41 farmers trying out donkey ploughs; 15 farmers building rain catchment barriers; 12 farmers on rice intensification and diversification; 3 veterinary trainees, and much else besides. The project remains strong and increasingly relevant.

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