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Jun 2011

Well Digging

Building on the success of, and experience gained from our Windy Jammy well that is now servicing a 1000-strong community of animal herders, we are in the process of implementing a further four-well program. Incorporating strong elements of community participation and training, and utilising the pneumatic drill that was sent out last year, the first well in the five-hundred-strong Seenoyel community is underway having reached 20 meters, much of this through a band of hard rock that was encountered at 12 meters. The eventual depth will probably be in excess of 40 meters. But as Tanzie Mint, above, makes clear, it is all worth it: "I used to spend 8 hours a day collecting water from five-kilometers ways," she says. "Now it takes me 2 hours to get 20 bidins. I have more time for household chores and I also have time to go to town to buy fish, which I sell."

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