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  • Sylla Women’s Organic Market Garden Project

Dec 2009

Sylla Women’s Organic Market Garden Project

Evaluation has indicated that incomes for families involved with the project are up by a huge 30%. This includes vegetables both consumed and sold. The women report that they now have surplus cash for schooling and medicines, as well as some welcome extra money for themselves. People are eating a healthier diet and feel motivated and inspired. A fifth year has now been added to the project so that its successes can be widely disseminated. A high-profile workshop is planned to which local radio and regional dignitaries are invited as well as members of other local women’s groups, who will subsequently receive agronomic and management training on their own lands. Contrary to common experience in this poor region of northern Senegal, this project has shown that with good management and using low-cost organic farming techniques, intensive, irrigated farming can be made to pay.

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