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Dec 2009

Mid-Gorgol Community Project

This year has seen huge deluges of rain sweep away 50% of the rice crops. This disaster was quickly followed by vast flocks of quelea birds, which not only preyed on the remaining rice, but have also started decimating the millet crops planted in the receding waters of the floods. This just goes to show how difficult life is in the Mid-Gorgol region and why the Community Project is so apt, helping farmers find more efficient ways of working their land. We have helped them dig rain-catchment barriers, use donkey ploughs and incorporate compost in their soils. Livestock health in the region is poor due to high densities of animals and so we are in the process of creating vaccination parks. For those who need 'to see to believe', our rice test crops have demonstrated that using compost instead of purchased fertilisers increases yields and requires less water. This five-year project is in its second year and is developing well.

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