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Dec 2009

Climate Change

It is becoming increasingly apparent that climate change is actually leading to increased precipitation in the Sahel, the region just south of the Sahara in which we work. But this rain is increasingly coming in great deluges, as it has this year, instead of being spread out over a number of months. This leads to unprecedented flooding and loss of whole crops as well as many other problems. Between the downpours are periods of drought. The drylands of Africa are highly susceptible to climate change, which is why adaptation to its effects must be deeply embedded in the work we do. On top of this, though, it is important that the world takes the right steps in reducing carbon emissions and so lessens the effects of climate change. We have been actively advocating for this, lobbying MPs as part of a campaign to promote anInternational Development Manifesto drawn up by NGO umbrella group, BOND; being an active participant in the carbon emission reduction campaign; and joining the Big Wave London climate rally on 5th December.

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