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Jan 2009

Mid-Gorgol Community Project

It has been an extremely difficult year for farmers in the mid-Gorgol region. Although the rains even a little to the south, in Mali, were good, here they were extremely bad, leading to the failure of most rain-fed crops. The river flood plains were also not inundated, meaning flood-recession crops could not be planted, and the pastures upon which livestock herders are dependant have quickly become exhausted. There are rays of light, however, and some of these are provided by the Mid-Gorgol Community Project. The demonstration of ploughing with animal traction was extremely popular as it showed that, at very low cost, the earth could be sufficiently broken to allow even poor rains to penetrate. Currently, farmers are forced to pool resources to hire tractors for this purpose. The poor rains naturally put added emphasis on irrigation farming, and our work in this sector has got off to a very good start with infrastructure development and rice test-crops being planted. Already one session of farmer training has taken place and work is starting with women’s groups on small-scale vegetable growing. The project is just now coming to the end of the first of its five years.

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